Thursday, 29 March 2012

Let the sunshine in..

Nellie from this super duper blog (and my big sister) has chucked the sunshine award at me, and as I am loving this beautiful weather with a massive passion, I accept!


  • Favorite colour: Greens and blues of all varying shades.
  • Favorite animal: After reading Goldie Hawn's 'A lotus grows in the mud', elephants (random I know, but a seriously good read- I dont read much)..However, I do LOVE dogs!..and rats ofcourse.
  • Non-alcoholic drink: Tea! Chai or Earl Grey..yummy
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook for the photos. I get to see what my friends are up to.
  • Getting or giving presents: Definitely giving, I really enjoy the whole process of buying people gifts, and wrapping them! 
  • Favorite flower: I dont really have one favorite, there's too many to choose from!
  • Favorite pattern: Tie that a pattern? It's amazing!
  • Favorite number: 6
  • Favorite day: a day off with Andrew!..doesnt happen very often.
  • Passion: Family, my lovely family. I cant wait to start my own! My friends are incredibly important too. I also love art, crafty bits, vintage, and film. I also have a passion for equality..peace out.
I'm going to launch this Sunshine award at..


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Aaahhh Devon..

..How beautiful you are. This weekend I went to stay with Holly. In the previous post I mentioned that I had a surprise for Holly..It was our good friend Chrissy! She was very surprised and happy to see him and we all had a lovely time. We spent lazy days on the beach and filled them with laughter and random chatter about bazaar things. The weather has been unexpectedly gorgeous and I have a watch mark, woo tan!

Wish I could have stayed there for a bit longer..Holly is the funniest person I know and one of the few people that I can act my stupid self around, she's a soul mate.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Roll on tomorrow..

Tomorrow I am going to visit my beautiful friend Holly and I cannot wait. She is like a sister to me and we have some very funny memories together. Im getting the train to Barnstable, Devon and we are going to spend the weekend walking on the beach, chatting and relaxing in the garden. Lets just hope the weather is good!

I have a little gift for Holly and I cant wait for see it!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy belated mothers day!

To all those mothers who have given the best gift and have the best job..I cant wait to join your gang!

Thank you to my Mum who is wonderful and lovely and creative and laid back and unique and who did a super job of raising four children single handedly..and those children are fabulous ..including me! HA!

For mothers gift I bought her 'The Liberty book of home sewing' which is filled with amazing bits to make and I made her two scarfs because she loves scarfs! I also made her a card from the pages of a 1950s magazine.

Wills, Me, Nell, Mum and Charlie.
  Love you Mum! xxxx

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Last night Andrew and I joined friends Natalie, Barry, Gemma and Spencer for a delicious three course meal. We each did a course. Natalie made a rather tasty vege sausage casserole main course, Gemma made a oh-my-goodness tasty chocolate cake and I made a Sweet potato and orange soup from a New Covent Garden recipe..It was a success and although I forgot the bread, everyone enjoyed it!

Thank you to Natalie and Barry for hosting a lovely evening!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

1 year anniversary..

On this day last year Andrew and I moved into our wonderful little flat, in a lovely area of the beautiful Bath. My how time flies! We are slowly transforming the creamy space into a bright, colourful and interesting home and I'm enjoying the challenge of doing it with little money but a love for second hand/ vintage/ hand-me-down/ charity shop finds!

Today Andrew and I joined friends, Gemma and Spencer, to watch those crazy nut jobs running the Bath Half. It was a flippin mission to get to them mind! We had to walk along the river until we found the area that us non-runners could actually cross the road without the risk of being crushed by sweaty people in lycra. We were basically moved about like cattle through fenced off areas..Thankfully the sun has got his hat on today so hanging about outside was fine with me! Whilst those sweaty folk ran, walked, hobbled past us we drank shandy, ate yummy burgers and cheered them on.

The view from our flat.

Well done to all those people that took part in the Bath Half Marathon..especially to those people who did it for charity and those who dressed up like tits!..literally.

Monday, 5 March 2012

My new cushion.

On this lovely sunny day me, Nell, Josephine and Mum went for a stroll about town and lunch. We looked through pretty baby clothes, spoke about our holiday in August (SO excited!) and drank delicious drinks in the fruity Cosy Club.

I bought a pretty plant and Mum bought me some Daffs.

Andrew relaxed at home drawing with Chinese inks with the warm sunshine beaming through the window.

Also, finally got round to putting up my beautiful painting by Benjamin Rees - Thomas.

Friday, 2 March 2012

You know that old saying..

 ..Home from work, have a bun.

A twenty four hour shift really wipes you out, so its against the my law to not have a cake when I've finished.
Taken at 6.50 am
Found these photos on my phone. Early last year, when I was walking 45 minutes to get to work ( I now walk 4 minutes and I'm there..BOOM), and the moon was in the perfect place to make a pretty picture.