Sunday, 11 March 2012

1 year anniversary..

On this day last year Andrew and I moved into our wonderful little flat, in a lovely area of the beautiful Bath. My how time flies! We are slowly transforming the creamy space into a bright, colourful and interesting home and I'm enjoying the challenge of doing it with little money but a love for second hand/ vintage/ hand-me-down/ charity shop finds!

Today Andrew and I joined friends, Gemma and Spencer, to watch those crazy nut jobs running the Bath Half. It was a flippin mission to get to them mind! We had to walk along the river until we found the area that us non-runners could actually cross the road without the risk of being crushed by sweaty people in lycra. We were basically moved about like cattle through fenced off areas..Thankfully the sun has got his hat on today so hanging about outside was fine with me! Whilst those sweaty folk ran, walked, hobbled past us we drank shandy, ate yummy burgers and cheered them on.

The view from our flat.

Well done to all those people that took part in the Bath Half Marathon..especially to those people who did it for charity and those who dressed up like tits!..literally.

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Rowantree Design said...

Man I love these fun runs, we have an annual 'city to Surf" run in Sydney, thousands of people run, walk, dress up and enjoy the day. It's smashing fun. I have actually done it a few times.