Thursday, 29 March 2012

Let the sunshine in..

Nellie from this super duper blog (and my big sister) has chucked the sunshine award at me, and as I am loving this beautiful weather with a massive passion, I accept!


  • Favorite colour: Greens and blues of all varying shades.
  • Favorite animal: After reading Goldie Hawn's 'A lotus grows in the mud', elephants (random I know, but a seriously good read- I dont read much)..However, I do LOVE dogs!..and rats ofcourse.
  • Non-alcoholic drink: Tea! Chai or Earl Grey..yummy
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook for the photos. I get to see what my friends are up to.
  • Getting or giving presents: Definitely giving, I really enjoy the whole process of buying people gifts, and wrapping them! 
  • Favorite flower: I dont really have one favorite, there's too many to choose from!
  • Favorite pattern: Tie that a pattern? It's amazing!
  • Favorite number: 6
  • Favorite day: a day off with Andrew!..doesnt happen very often.
  • Passion: Family, my lovely family. I cant wait to start my own! My friends are incredibly important too. I also love art, crafty bits, vintage, and film. I also have a passion for equality..peace out.
I'm going to launch this Sunshine award at..



Rowantree Design said...

Yeah Sunshine coming your way! I see that I answer the promts then add a sunny pic!

Caroline said...

Ah thank you lovely! I have a feeling my answers are the same as yours :) Family is so important to me too and my fave number is 6 too (my birthday is it yours?) - I shall get my thinking cap on for the rest x

Dora said...

Yes it is!! ha. good old number 6. xx