Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Aaahhh Devon..

..How beautiful you are. This weekend I went to stay with Holly. In the previous post I mentioned that I had a surprise for Holly..It was our good friend Chrissy! She was very surprised and happy to see him and we all had a lovely time. We spent lazy days on the beach and filled them with laughter and random chatter about bazaar things. The weather has been unexpectedly gorgeous and I have a watch mark, woo tan!

Wish I could have stayed there for a bit longer..Holly is the funniest person I know and one of the few people that I can act my stupid self around, she's a soul mate.


Caroline said...

Sounds amazing! This weekend was so perfect I loved that we booked a weekend away with the whole "it will be fine whatever the weather" all along but lets face it, the sun made it all the better :)

Nell said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Hoorah! Makes me want St Ives to be here even quicker.

Just tagged you in this Sunshine Award thingy btw...check out the blog for the deets xx

Holly Bee said...

Awwww, Dors! Without doubt you are a true soul mate! Had such a lovely time with you guys! What fun. I think the 'Im looking for someone...' line will stay with me forever!xxx