Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy belated mothers day!

To all those mothers who have given the best gift and have the best job..I cant wait to join your gang!

Thank you to my Mum who is wonderful and lovely and creative and laid back and unique and who did a super job of raising four children single handedly..and those children are fabulous ..including me! HA!

For mothers gift I bought her 'The Liberty book of home sewing' which is filled with amazing bits to make and I made her two scarfs because she loves scarfs! I also made her a card from the pages of a 1950s magazine.

Wills, Me, Nell, Mum and Charlie.
  Love you Mum! xxxx


Hayley said...

And very wonderful my gifts are too! I've worn both scarfs this week (seperately!) and they look great! xxx

Dora said...