Monday, 5 March 2012

My new cushion.

On this lovely sunny day me, Nell, Josephine and Mum went for a stroll about town and lunch. We looked through pretty baby clothes, spoke about our holiday in August (SO excited!) and drank delicious drinks in the fruity Cosy Club.

I bought a pretty plant and Mum bought me some Daffs.

Andrew relaxed at home drawing with Chinese inks with the warm sunshine beaming through the window.

Also, finally got round to putting up my beautiful painting by Benjamin Rees - Thomas.


Caroline said...

Sounds bliss! Love the pretty plant, I've got a tulip on the go at the moment from a bulb it's taking ages to bloom so cheated and bought some daffodils to brighten up the window sill :)

Nell said...

Blimey that baby is beautiful. Must have super stylin, smokin hot parents.....