Friday, 29 June 2012

Good luck Andrew!..

Tomorrow morning Andrew is travelling to Nailsea, Bristol to take part in his first fight..exciting stuff. He has been training in MMA (mixed martial arts) for a couple of years now..absoloutely loves it. LOVES IT! Massive fan of UFC and Strike Force. Gets very enthusiastic about fights on tv - along with my brother Charlie and brother-in-law Ben. (who are going to watch and support Andrew tomorrow)
He's just got back from the gym and he wont stop pacing!

Just want to say good luck to him, squash their wind pipes boyo!

Love you!!

I am having my surprise day tomorrow with Holly so I am unable to go and watch, but Ben and Charlie are going to film it for me. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

This time next week..

..I will be doing something..

My absolutely stunning friend Holly has organised something for me next weekend...I haven't got a clue what. I've been told that I'll need an over night bag and some smart/casual clothes for the evening..thats it. 

Who knows what she has planned!

Can't wait!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


I have been doing a lot of thinking about what to do with my life (as you may have gathered if you read the last post). Whilst searching the internet for postgrad courses that might appeal to me, I came across an MA course in Art Psychotherapy at the University of Wales in Newport. I am seriously tempted to apply for this. After I graduated, I looked into Art Therapy but was under the impression that I'd need some sort of psychology qualification.. not according to this course. It would take me one day a week for three years to get the qualification I would need. I could then work in a hospital, school or prison (I've always quite fancied that).

I would be thirty by the time I finished.

Should I do this or should I look for another course which would interest me just as much but isn't so long?..or expensive. Im in a pickle.  


Always good for a laugh. Have fun with your Pops in Cornwall. 

Love you.
xx xx xx xx xx

Pops, Nell, Me and Charlie.

(Father is stood on steps..he is actually 5"8..not a giant)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My aim.. to turn our messy bedroom into a bedroom/ craft room/ art space/ 2nd living space. I want to have a nice big desk where I can draw and paint, or make clothes and crafty bits, or just sit and read (HA, yeah right). It would be lovely to have another place to be during the day. Our flat isn't small, but it is only a one bed and sometimes I feel a bit claustrophobic, so I want to make the most our pretty big bedroom. On one side of the room I'd like a desk, bookshelf and storage with a wall covered in inspirational images, and on the other side I'd like a little sofa to put under the window, I've always wanted a window seat. I'd also like another chest of draws in an attempt to get Andrews clothes off of the damn floor!

I want these..

Now, for me to buy such things I'd have to be hell rich, so I shall search for cheaper alternatives in second hand shops and on ebay etc.

It will happen..
I shall have my craft station/ mini studio dog nammit!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Today I am...

..meeting my friends, Gemma, Amy and Natalie for a lovely lunch at Pizza Express..YUM! 
Amy lives in Guernsey so we don't get to see her very often. We miss her lots! She's back for the Jubilee weekend, I cant wait to she her..she's HILARIOUS!
I'm also looking forward to seeing Gemma who's pregnant and blooming gorgeous! and Natalie and her bubba Jack.

This evening, Mumsie and I are going to Vintage Mondays at the Little Theatre Cinema. There's a little vintage market with tea and cakes and then we are going to watch the new Wes Anderson film, 'Moonrise Kingdom'..Should be good!

Amy, Natalie, Gemma and me celebrating Natalie's wedding day a few years ago.

What are you up to on this double bank holiday weekend? 

Friday, 1 June 2012

In hindsight...

..Maybe I should have done a more useful degree. It turns out there's not much you can do with a Fine Art; Painting degree..tis a bit vague, especially in these trying times where jobs are far and few. I am ofcourse glad I did it, it was a wonderful, fun experience and I met my glorious Andrew..but now I'm stumped.

Since I can remember I have wanted to be some sort of artist, so an art degree seemed the obvious choice. But now, if I could turn back time, I think that I would have done something else, something more specific. I still don't really know what I want to do with my life (other than be a wife and mummy). There's so many things I would love to of which is own a vintage shop with Nell. It would be amazing and it would do so well, I just know it. But getting there would be a full on mission and neither of us have the money for that. Another thing I'd love to do is own a wedding dress shop..that would be so much fun..or maybe become a jewellery designer.

..All dreams. Maybe, if I win the lottery, it could happen..

It's really hard to make your dreams happen when you have to work full time to pay the bills and have little spare time (usually spent recovering from work) to focus on bigger things.

I hate rich people.

In happier news...

CONGRATULATIONS to Hazel and Jonni who are newly pregnant with their third bubba! 
Rosenwyn and Edyn will be wonderful siblings to that little 'un! SO exciting.

We had a great time with those four at Centre Parcs on Sunday. The weather was delightful. We painted pots, ate lunch at the pancake house, briefly took part in a treasure hunt (it wasn't very good), went swimming and ate chimichangas! Such a wonderful day with beautiful people that we love dearly and cant wait to see in the summer on our holiday to St. Ives.