Friday, 1 June 2012

In hindsight...

..Maybe I should have done a more useful degree. It turns out there's not much you can do with a Fine Art; Painting degree..tis a bit vague, especially in these trying times where jobs are far and few. I am ofcourse glad I did it, it was a wonderful, fun experience and I met my glorious Andrew..but now I'm stumped.

Since I can remember I have wanted to be some sort of artist, so an art degree seemed the obvious choice. But now, if I could turn back time, I think that I would have done something else, something more specific. I still don't really know what I want to do with my life (other than be a wife and mummy). There's so many things I would love to of which is own a vintage shop with Nell. It would be amazing and it would do so well, I just know it. But getting there would be a full on mission and neither of us have the money for that. Another thing I'd love to do is own a wedding dress shop..that would be so much fun..or maybe become a jewellery designer.

..All dreams. Maybe, if I win the lottery, it could happen..

It's really hard to make your dreams happen when you have to work full time to pay the bills and have little spare time (usually spent recovering from work) to focus on bigger things.

I hate rich people.

In happier news...

CONGRATULATIONS to Hazel and Jonni who are newly pregnant with their third bubba! 
Rosenwyn and Edyn will be wonderful siblings to that little 'un! SO exciting.

We had a great time with those four at Centre Parcs on Sunday. The weather was delightful. We painted pots, ate lunch at the pancake house, briefly took part in a treasure hunt (it wasn't very good), went swimming and ate chimichangas! Such a wonderful day with beautiful people that we love dearly and cant wait to see in the summer on our holiday to St. Ives.


Rowantree Design said...

Hi Dora, just one thing, maybe two or three. You are beautiful, you are smart and you are very talented. You have to pull on all those inner strengths and courage to get what you want! Its hard, there will be tears and eventually great joy. If you want that vintage shop, start little, start on ebay, start at a market. I have enjoyed a fabulous career, but mostly i would love my Rowantree Designs to flourish, i would too, love a shop. I'm not giving up.....

As for rich people, you are rich in love, friendship,talent and youth. Xxxxxxx

Dora said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!! I am determined to start an Etsy shop, I just need a bit more motivation! Thank you again! xxx