Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My aim..

..is to turn our messy bedroom into a bedroom/ craft room/ art space/ 2nd living space. I want to have a nice big desk where I can draw and paint, or make clothes and crafty bits, or just sit and read (HA, yeah right). It would be lovely to have another place to be during the day. Our flat isn't small, but it is only a one bed and sometimes I feel a bit claustrophobic, so I want to make the most our pretty big bedroom. On one side of the room I'd like a desk, bookshelf and storage with a wall covered in inspirational images, and on the other side I'd like a little sofa to put under the window, I've always wanted a window seat. I'd also like another chest of draws in an attempt to get Andrews clothes off of the damn floor!

I want these..

Now, for me to buy such things I'd have to be hell rich, so I shall search for cheaper alternatives in second hand shops and on ebay etc.

It will happen..
I shall have my craft station/ mini studio dog nammit!

1 comment:

Nell said...

Love the chair and the shelves, especially. Go to that junk shop on Julian Rd. Awesomness for about £10 in there! xx