Friday, 29 June 2012

Good luck Andrew!..

Tomorrow morning Andrew is travelling to Nailsea, Bristol to take part in his first fight..exciting stuff. He has been training in MMA (mixed martial arts) for a couple of years now..absoloutely loves it. LOVES IT! Massive fan of UFC and Strike Force. Gets very enthusiastic about fights on tv - along with my brother Charlie and brother-in-law Ben. (who are going to watch and support Andrew tomorrow)
He's just got back from the gym and he wont stop pacing!

Just want to say good luck to him, squash their wind pipes boyo!

Love you!!

I am having my surprise day tomorrow with Holly so I am unable to go and watch, but Ben and Charlie are going to film it for me. 


Nell said...

Woo, go Andreas!! And have an awesome weekend xx

Mum said...

Good luck Andy! And don't let anyone hurt you!
Have a brilliant weekend Dora and I want to hear about both of your adventures xxxx