Sunday, 17 June 2012


I have been doing a lot of thinking about what to do with my life (as you may have gathered if you read the last post). Whilst searching the internet for postgrad courses that might appeal to me, I came across an MA course in Art Psychotherapy at the University of Wales in Newport. I am seriously tempted to apply for this. After I graduated, I looked into Art Therapy but was under the impression that I'd need some sort of psychology qualification.. not according to this course. It would take me one day a week for three years to get the qualification I would need. I could then work in a hospital, school or prison (I've always quite fancied that).

I would be thirty by the time I finished.

Should I do this or should I look for another course which would interest me just as much but isn't so long?..or expensive. Im in a pickle.  


Always good for a laugh. Have fun with your Pops in Cornwall. 

Love you.
xx xx xx xx xx

Pops, Nell, Me and Charlie.

(Father is stood on steps..he is actually 5"8..not a giant)

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AymyJayny said...

Go for it!! Why not!! If its only one day a week its not like your sacrafising anything else love you xxx