Sunday, 1 July 2012

The phaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is here, inside my mind..

..Last night was my surprise evening with a nearest and dearest, Holly. She organised such a lovely day. I met her at lunch time in Cabot Circus (a shopping area in Bristol - Lots of lovely shops). We did some shopping..she did some shopping, I bought.. drum roll..a £3 hair band from Oasis! WOO! We then had a few delicious dishes in La Tasca for lunch and continued with the shopping. When we'd become to pooped to shop any more, we got in the car and headed to (first surprise)...a hotel! LUSH. I love staying in hotels. I feel the need to search through every drawer and cupboard. And we had sherry waiting for us! Fancy.

Holly's parents live in Bristol so I assumed we'd be staying with them for the night.

After resting our feet and knocking back the teeniest bit of sherry, we got our evening wear and make up on and headed out the door to....(second surprise)..Jamie's Italian restaurant for some super scrumptious cannelloni and polenta chips, so so good!

The third and biggest surprise was ruined but the stupid waitress at the restaurant who, as she walked us to our table, said 'so you're going to the theatre?'..and I was like saaay whaaat?!..and Holly told her that it was meant to be a surprise. The waitress was very apologetic and embarrassed, it had to come out at some point, but yeah..nice one waitress! 

So, we went to Bristol Hippodrome to see Phantom of the opera which was!! Never seen it before on the stage and oh my, it made my vocal chords ache because I was so desperate to sing along! 

Plus, the phantom had a sexy voice! ..ay! ay!

This morning we wandered, in the lovely July rain (bloody weather), to Boston tea party where we enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

A fabulous weekend for which I am truly grateful to Holly for planning for me, so kind and thoughtful. Wish she lived closer and I had more time to see her beautiful face.
Next weekend I am going to see Holly in 'Acorn Antiques' at the Queens Theatre in Barnstable. Very excited to see her in the role of Miss Bonnie. Its going to be funny!



Saturday was Andrew's first Spartan grapple competition. He loved it. Had a great day. He took part in three fights. The first, he won. The second, which happened about a minute after the first, he lost - too tired. The third, he was basically lifted up by the other guy and it looked like he was going to snap Andrews neck ..hideous, Andrew nearly passed out.
But the boy did good, and most importantly loved every minute.



Mum said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! What a sweetie Holly is to organize such a brilliant treat! And well done to Andy, he was buzzing when he got back to Nell's!

Nell said...

Glad to hear you had an awesome time! I'm surprised you managed to keep yourself from singing along!! X