Monday, 9 July 2012

Acorn Antiques

On friday I travelled down to Devon to spend the weekend with Holly and her family. We spent the Saturday wondering around Barnstable before having dinner at the Braunton Inn. I enjoyed a delicious beetroot and squash strudel. So yummy. We then went onto The Queens Theatre in Barnstable to watch Holly star as Miss Bonnie in the hilarious Acorn Antiques by the wonderful Victoria Wood. 

Holly's performance was amazing. She was so funny, brilliant timing, genius facial expressions, excellent singing and, in my opinion and trying not to be biased, one of the best actors. 

Well done Holly - You LEGEND!!

Holly dressed as Miss Bonnie

I had a lovely time walking through the Braunton burrows looking at curious bugs and beautiful flowers.

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AymyJayny said...

Check out Holz with short black hair!! Glad you had fun miss you xxx