Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy pancake day everyone!

Its pancake day yes, its pancake day yes, its p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pancake day!!
(A song from 'Maid Marion and her merry men' a kids show we used to LOVE!-We sing it/ text it/message it to each other every year) I made 13 pancakes and Andrew and I enjoyed them with cheese, lemon & sugar and icing sugar. Sooo scrummy!

Today I had some snuggles and chats with Josephine at my Nanny's house and received a beautiful painting by Benjamin Rhys-Thomas. (I shall take and post photos of the painting soon)

Gemmie and Spence
Ps. A very large CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely friend Gemma and her boyfriend Spencer who have just announced that they are expecting a wee one! Very exciting!! xxxx


Altax said...

Cool pictures and photography is awesome!!!

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fast times in münchen. said...

Hi thanks for your lovely comment. I came over here to check ya out and low and behold, isn't that THE baby Josephine?? How do you know the lovely Nell?? : )

Dora said...

Hello! I'm Nell's sister. She told me lots about you and your blog, so I thought I'd have a wee look at it! Thank you for visiting mine. xx