Friday, 24 February 2012

Two little munchkins..

Cheekiest of monkeys

Tyler's amazing super cool turbo car

Harry Potter and his wand

Coby drawing a Harry Potter scar on his head
Last night I baby sat my nephews, Tyler and Coby. When I got to my brothers house they were meant to be in bed, I was supposed to get them to bed pretty sharpish - but how boring is that?! So we finished watching 'Alvin and the chipmunks' (oh dear), read some books, made some funny phone calls to Andrew and Auntie Nell - actually Coby wanted to talk to Josephine- and did some drawings of super cool turbo cars! We also ate sweeties and bless little Ty Tots, he came into the living room carrying a plate of three glasses of milk and six chocolate cookies..Whats a wonderful host, his mother will be so proud!
We also played Harry Potter which Coby (Sorry, Harry- kept getting told off for calling him Coby) continued to do until he fell asleep.
After much persuasion they finally got into bed and fell asleep to me reading 'Horrible Histories World War II' in the most boring monotone voice I could do.

I hope they aren't too grumpy today! I love those munchkins!


Hayley said...

Did you manage to get them to bed before C & C got home? Looks like a fun time was had by all but I'm glad I didn't have to get them to school this morning!

Dora said...

Yeah, they were asleep when they got back! xx

Rowantree Design said...

That was a lovely post, what a great evening you shared with the little lads.

Nell said...

How freakin old does Ty look in that first picture?! And that is the cutest thing that he bought you milk and cookies.

Plus Co drawing a HP scar on his head? genius. I can't wait to see these crazy loons on Wednesday. And I want to hear you monotone voice. I have a very weird picture in my head of how it sounds... xx