Sunday, 19 February 2012

Happy birthday little 'un!

Today my cousin, Fran and her fiance Brett, hosted their baby girl Kasie's first birthday party. There was a bright pink princess bouncy castle, Disney music and heaps of food! Kasie had a whale of a time. Tyler and Coby spent the whole day running around, playing tag, Transformers and Star Wars..I also had to play. I wore my new bargain boots (£70 from £165) and showed off my new hair. Josephine was introduced to lots of the family and was as good as gold. I made Kasie a coat from a 1950s pattern for her birthday. Its a tad large but hey ho, it will last a good while at least.

I forgot to have some birthday cake..damn!

Happy 1st birthday Kasie!!

Also, WELL DONE to Fran who raised £100 at the party doing a 'guess the name of the bear' for the Royal United Hospital who's staff has helped little Kasie with her Hypothyroidism.

Ps. Some more photos of the beautiful Miss Josephine.

Love this photo of Kasie - so serious

Birthday girl!

Ty and Co having a bouncy bouncy oooo such a good time

Kasie, Fran (mummy) and Brett (Pops)

Nellderflower and Josephine

Josephine and her Grandpa

Oh and I forgot to share this lovely thing. Its a welcome back poster made by the people I support at work..So lush!

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Nell said...

I forgot to have cake too!! I almost cried when I realised that! xxx