Monday, 30 January 2012

So far today..

I have been thinking about

- How excited I am about going to Cornwall on Saturday. (I bought Edyn his gift. An elephant with a bell in its belly!)

- When to watch 'Bridesmaids'. Andrew bought it for me because I love it! Funniest film..oh how I laughed! (Congratulations to Melissa McCarthy on her Oscar nomination)

- How glad I am to have had 2 days off in a row as I am ever so full of snot!

-The first piece of art work I have ever bought. Its a beautiful self portrait of a very talented chap that was at my uni. Benjamin Rees-Thomas was the best painter at UWIC and I am so excited to be getting one of his pieces. Such an inspirational artist who's use of colour is breathtaking.

JUST LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW TO SEE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gawwd!...and now its stopped..oh..well that was short lived. ...Its back!! aw, lovely.


I watched 'Melancholia' last night, starring Kirsten Dunst. It is a beautifully shot film with some really interesting story lines. It's very powerful and the ending left me feeling a bit...woah!..its good! 

End of random post.

Edyn's elephant


Self portrait by Benjamin Rees-Thomas

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