Tuesday, 31 January 2012

For Christmas Pops gave me the 'My week with Marilyn' book by Colin Clark. I've only just started reading it. Anyone that knows me well enough will know that I rarely read and don't really get on with it..I don't particularly enjoy it.

However, over the summer last year I read Goldie Hawn's autobiography 'A lotus grows in the mud'. It is such a brilliant book and, as if I didn't love Goldie Hawn enough (I named one of my rats Goldie), I love her even more now. Its a very spiritual book filled with her low times and how she got herself out of them, and her happiest memories and experiences. I definitely recommend it. Its the fastest I have ever read a book.. and that is saying something.

So, I'm thinking autobiographies are the way forward and 'My week with Marilyn' contains the pages of Colin Clark's diary from the time he spent working on 'The Prince and the Show Girl' and the unusual relationship he built with Marilyn Monroe. I'm only on page 57, but it's well written and an easy enjoyable read. I really want to see the film but want to finish the book first.

Last night after watching Kristen Wiig's character, Annie, baking amazing cakes in 'Bridesmaids', I decided to make some biscuits - much to Andrews delight. They don't compare to her awesome cupcakes but they were tasty! 

Still feeling pooey and have to do a 24 hour shift at work starting at 3pm..NOT looking forward to it. Enjoy your free evenings all.

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Holly Bee said...

Interesting cakes...I like how you have very carefully spread on the icing. Very strategic!