Sunday, 29 January 2012

Last night Andrew and I introduced our friends Benny and Jo to the amazingness that is Schwartz Bros.! The finest burger in town..even for veges, like myself. We had blue cheese, bacon, chickless vege burgers and fries coming out of our ears! It was a success, Benny and Jo are fans. Hooray!!

Today we all ventured to the Vintage and Antiques Fair in town. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. There was a Homes & Antiques stand there today (mine and Nell's favorite magazine). I met the editor, Angela Linforth, and subscribed to the magazine in a matter of minutes. I received 30% off, which is never bad, and a free book, 'Costume Jewellery' by Judith Miller. I love love LOVE jewellery!! I didn't actually buy anything at the market, every thing I liked was a bit too pricey. Never mind, next time I might find a little treasure I can afford.

Today I have also...
     - Enjoyed a New Covent Garden Souper Green soup with a cheesey baguette.
     - Drank delicious cherry cola from my pink Cath Kidston glass.
     - Sniffed and coughed lots.
     - Missed out on playing with Tyler & Coby and cuddling Josephine because of this stinking cold.

Hot chocolate, movies and snuggles to come!


Nell said...

Cant believe I still haven't been to that Market! Bargain mag and book-hoorah! Ty still didnt hold Josephine, but co got in lots of cuddles!! X

Rowantree Design said...

Hi Nell
How lovely to hear from you over at Rowantree. Congrats on being a Aunty!

Dora said...

Hello and thank you! I'm actually Dora, Nell is my sister and the new Mummy!
Love your baby clothes! xx

Caroline said...

I Can't believe I lived near Bath for 20 years and never went to Schwartz Bros!! I did always go to Bens Cookies though does that make up for it? x

Dora said...

oooooo Bens cookies! mmmmm. Next time youre in Bath, you know where to get your burger fix!! xx

Holly Bee said...

Looks like you've had a splendid few days Dors. Hope the cold has buggered off for good.

Have a lovely weekend in Cornwall. x