Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What the heck do pear shaped people who dont like showing there legs wear swimming?

So, swimming costumes are a no no because my butt is like 2 sizes bigger than my top half. Tankini's are never long enough and just ping up onto my waist. I'm not really feeling the bikini look, I may blind people with my lilly white skin..and..nope thats all the options. 

Maybe I should just get a burkini..Nigella style.

What I'd like to wear
What I should wear

What I do wear. (unfortunately not aloud in the pool)


Mum said...

Find a fifties pattern and I'll make you a swimming costume. And how blonde is Tyler's hair in that picture!!xx

Dora said...

OKAY!! awesomeness! Ty's hair looks dyed! xx