Friday, 25 May 2012

For anyone thats interested..

I found a swimming costume that fits! Hoorah!

Its this rather lovely number from Oasis. Its a wrap-around so it fits in at my waist and I can pull it tight to fit better across my top. Marvelous!

The 10 year hunt is over!

Obviously it looks a bit different on me..but this is it..

On Sunday Andrew and I are going to meet Hazel, Jonni, Rosenwyn and Edyn for a day trip to Centre Parcs at Longleat Forest. We will be swimming in the lagoon (hense the swimming costume), doing a treasure hunt and having a tasty lunch. Andrew and Jonni will go off and do man things like archery and me and Hazel will take the kiddliewinks to do some more child friendly activities. 
Finger crossed the weather stays this beautiful!

I cant wait to see them and have lots of fantastic fun!


Nell said...

Oh, that's a really nice one.
Hope you have fun on Sunday - it's meant to be really warm again, woo!! xxx

Mum said...

God that girl is skinny! I'm sure it looks much nicer on you!
Have a lovely time on Sunday