Friday, 4 May 2012

It Doesn't Look Wright..

When we lived in Cardiff Andrew became involved with live drawing competition events called Secret Wars. We'd go to a club, there would be hip hop bands, break dancers and artists. Each artist would have a large white board and 90 minutes to draw whatever they wished using black marker pens. After taking part in several competitions Andrew was asked to become a member of the Cardiff Secret Wars team and to take part in the Euro League. The team of 6 artists did extremely well but did not win. 

In November Andrew started competing again in another competition along the same lines, called Spar Wars. He won the first round with his drawing of a giant panda destroying a city. Last night Andrew and I returned to Cardiff for the next round. It was a pretty quiet night, not many people about due to a massive student thing the night before, but it was still good fun with some excellent music. The theme for last nights event was 'Gangsters and Broads'. The winner is usually decided by the loudest audience response but last nights was a tie..So it goes to someone else to judge, which means we still don't know who has actually won..I shall let you know when we know! 
View of Cardiff Castle from our hotel.

Last nights creation

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AymyJayny said...

Love love love Andys work xxx