Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy birthday Zenny bird!

Today our goddaughter is three. Rosenywn Iris was born in the last year of uni 2009. I was living with her mummy, Hazel, so I was lucky enough to live with Zenny for a few months just after she was born. I'd look after her while her mummy and daddy were eating, and I'd chat to her and play with her and cuddle her lots every day...
...I miss her terribly. She is the most unique and wonderful little thing. She is funny and incredibly artistic (like her mama). 

Zenny and Hazel live in Cornwall with Jonni and new baby Edyn. The most gorgeous family.

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY ZENNY! I cannot believe you are already three. 

We cant wait to see you all in a month..i will be counting down the days!

Love you all so so much. 

Hazel and Zenny

Zenny last summer


The gorgeous Edyn Nia

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