Monday, 30 July 2012

Baby Hamlen

 Yesterday was my close friend Gemma's baby shower..and it was fabulous! We had the most delicious food, played games and nattered about baby things. The games were great fun and a little bit weird, for example, the dirty nappy game. This involves identifying different chocolate bars which have been melted into nappies to look like wasnt attractive, but it was funny. We had prediction cards and wishes for the baby cards. We had to guess how big Gems bump was and had personalised scratch cards (I WON!!)..very fancy!

The best bit about the day was our best friend Amy turning up out of the blue as a surprise for Gemma, and all of us. Amy lives in Guernsey and 
told everyone she couldn't come. She's Gemma's bestest best friend so when she walked through the door there were tears pouring down Gems face! Such an awesome surprise!..We squealed with excitement and happiness!

Natalie, Gemma, Amy and me

Good luck to Gemma and Spencer who are about to embark on the most incredible journey and who are going to be such incredible and loving parents. Yesterday was a brilliant day and thank you to Claire and Mandy for organizing it and spoiling us with delicious food and entertainment.

Love you Gem and Spence!


Gem and Claire

Thank you flowers from Gem


Gemma Horroll said...

Oh my goodness Dora, that's all amazing! Thank you! Love you lots too! Xxx

Nell said...

Looks like an awesome day. How sweet of Amy to drop in too! The nappy game though? Yeah, that's a weird one!! xx

Mum said...

Glad you had a fab day and so pleased Gemma enjoyed it. Excellent surprise Amy!! xx