Friday, 10 February 2012

Haze and Zenny bowling

Cream tea!!

Weeny crab!

Andrew found some new hair in the charity shop.
Andrew and I had such a wonderful time in Cornwall with Hazel, Jonni, Rosenwyn and Edyn. We went bowling, wondered through Falmouth, enjoyed some tasty deli delights, went to Trago Mills, found crabs on the beach, saw lots of seals and pups, had cream teas and pasties and played with Sylvanian Families.

Edyn is utterly gorgeous. He looks just like his mummy and has the cutest little smile. Rosenwyn adores him and loves giving him kisses.

We also went for lunch at my Grannie Annie and Grandpa's house in St. Just. My Grandpa made a delicious risotto and we went to the antique shops in the village.

I wish so much that Hazel and her little family lived closer. We miss them all so much.

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Holly Bee said...

Awwww, it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time! Edyn is soooo cute! :) Where did you see the seals? xwishervi