Thursday, 26 January 2012

Two trips booked!! Hooray! hoorah!
Jonni, Hazel, Rosenwyn and Edyn Bump

Edyn Nia Rowan

Zenny Fish Fingers
Zenny's new dress

Me and Holz on our last trip away, just us.

Chatsworth House

Castle Inn

First, Andrew and I are hiring a car to drive down to Cornwall and see the gorgeous bunch of pixies that are Hazel, Jonni, Rosenwyn and Edyn. We are yet to meet Edyn, so this trip is very exciting and important. I like to take gifts to the kiddleywinks so bought Zenny this amazing dress from Monsoon. I have to find Edyn something as equally beautiful! (not a dress, obviously) hmmm...

Second, Holly and I have decided to have a few April days in Derbyshire, Bakewell to be precise, to do some walking and sight seeing before she gets too pregged - up to walk. We will be visiting the Owl and Otter sanctuary (I love otters and Holly looks like an owl..a beautiful owl). We are then going to go to Chatsworth House (Pride and Prejudice fans will know it as Pemberley) to imagine that we live there. Not sure what the rest of the trip holds for us, but on the Thursday night we will be winning the bingo and pub quiz (hopefully) at Castle Inn where we will be staying. To prepare for the trip Holly and I will try to learn Jane Austen talk!

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