Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Okay, so I thought I might introduce you to the people and places I love.
I live in and LOVE Bath- the most beautiful, laid back place. I have lived here for 15 years and it never gets dull!
For as long as I can remember (which isnt that long) my family has taken a yearly trip to St. Ives, Cornwall. My grandparents took my Pops when he was wee and they took us when me and my siblings were nippers too. Now my granny Annie and Grandpa live down there, but there's still 10 of us that go..it never gets old!
My family tree is pretty large, but here are some photos of Andrew, me Mum, Pops, sister Nell and her hubby Ben, my bro Charlie, his partner Chloe and their brood, Tyler and Coby, and my other brother Wills.
Seriously the list of family members could go on for yonks! Friends will be introduced along the way!

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