Monday, 9 January 2012

Nellie and Ben's baby is due today, and although the likely hood of it actually being born today is low, we are all waiting for the call to say the little one has arrived!

So good luck Nell!  I hope for Bens sake that you dont scream like those uncontrollable women on one born every minute! I know that you are going to be amazing and hope that it all goes smoothly!

Serious baby boom going on at the moment! First (as I said before) one of my closest friends and mummy to my Goddaughter, Hazel, gave birth to baby boy, Edyn. Next Nell and Ben's. Then Andrew's niece Emma and partner Gavin will be meeting their baby girl in March and in July another of my best friends, Holly and her husband Tristan, will have their first baby..I predict a girl!

Nellie & Ben
Emma & Gavin
Holly & Tristan

A very exciting year ahead. I am very jealous and cannot wait for when it's our time to start our own little family! 


Nell said...

Hurry along little baby!! I want it to be today, getting impatient & we're only 1 day overdue!!! Xx

Dora said...

Simmer down Nellie!xx

Holly Bee said...

Yes, simmer down! It will be here soon! Then you'll have your work cut out! Mwahahahahahah!