Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lands End

Enjoying a pasty


Ty in the sea

Seal photo from a few years ago

Most of the St.ives massive 2006
Hoorah hoorah! The time has come to start planning the family summer holiday! and other little holidays here and there.
St. Ives is the place to be! We LOVE love love it and feel like something is missing from our lives if we don't make the annual trip there.

(I am currently watching 'how to cook like Heston' and oh my god it's making me want chocolate!)

Anyhoo...yeah, so St. Ives. The house is booked so let the count down begin!

A lot of brilliant memories from that beautiful, fishy place!


Holly Bee said...

Awwwww, you will have a super trooper time again and again and again and again! :) Trist and I went to an amazing seafood restaurant when we there a couple of months ago. Remind me to tell you all about when you have time. You crazy Pescatarian. xxx

Holly Bee said...